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【四季印象派 原创音乐日记】夏的雪梦 Snow Dream in Summer 纯洁浪漫而又多情 by chuntianle

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【春天了印象派 原创音乐日记】夏的雪梦 Snow Dream in Summer 

四季印象派:2019年的旋律 绘画/摄影/制作 chuntianle 

To My Dear Love and Myself
Chuntianle Impressionism Music Diary: Snow Dream in Summer

I fell asleep in a Sunday afternoon,
in the very hot summer,
I woke up from a dream, 
I saw silver curtain flying.

I got up and open the window, 
I saw snow falling,
from the deep dark blue sky, 
from the deep dark blue sky.

I fell in love with the summer snow, 
like ice and flame,
I was wearing my white dress,
when I waited for you.

So pure and so beautiful,
I felt kisses so gentle,
from your snow like summer love,
from your snow like summer love.

In the summer of 2018, I wrote my dream into my music diary "Summer Dream". And in the summer of 2019, I had a dream again, a snow dream....... The song I release today is originally from this dream, I weave it into my music diary, and delicate this song to my family, the one I love, my dear friends, and myself too. I hope it can bring love and happiness to us. 

印象的倒影:绘画/摄影/制作 chuntianle 

Copyright © 2019 chuntianle. All rights reserved.

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