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【春天了印象派 原创音乐故事】A Little Girl and Geese 如电影一幕幕在眼前 To My Beloved

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【春天了印象派 原创音乐故事A Little Girl and Geese 如电影一幕幕在眼前 To My Beloved

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A Song and a Story: A Little Girl and Geese
To My beloved, My Geese, and All My Pets. I miss you all.

The music I composed comes from an impromptu. I sang the song while I improvised. And I felt it was made of movie scenes starting from now anytime I see geese. It makes me think about my beautiful memories when I was a little girl, and the scene that I go the heaven to meet my geese. 

It also makes me think about the short life and everlasting love. I translate the story into music “A Little Girl and Geese”. I feel I had a peaceful mind when I composed this piece of music. However, I feel a little sad.

Long time ago when I was a little girl, my daddy bought two geese for me. They were white geese, very cute and pretty. I played with my geese every day, I held them with love, I kissed them, we had a good time. And they loved each other too. At that time, I took my geese out for a walk around my family’s backyard after school. Sometimes, it was not a walk, it was a flight, my geese could fly very high. First, they flapped their wings walking out from the geese house together with me to a wider yard, and then they started walking quickly and flying. The first time I saw them fly, I was so excited. I started running together with them…… 

The stories I want to tell in the music is that life is beautiful, but is short, we need to cherish it. And love is unforgettable, we need to cherish love we have today too, don’t wait for tomorrow. 

The music is just like a painting, it has color in it. It describes the details and action of geese, swimming, singing, and diving. Music can paint the color of affection and love too. 

Also, music is like another language, it can tell stories, and gives you unlimited space to imagine. It is amazing! I love beautiful things, I explore the beautiful things. I enjoy the happiness and enjoyment music brings to me. I love music!

Music Scene:

Scene 1 Reality: When I drive my car to go somewhere,  I see geese. I would stop, and watch them.

Scene 2 Reality to Memory: I see them swim in the water, dive into the water. It brings me to the time when I was a little girl. We had fun together in the past.  The music describes how my geese swim, sing the songs, and how they dive. Such beautiful memories! 

Scene 3 In "Heaven": I meet my geese in heaven on the grass lawn, by the river, around  the neighborhood when I was a child.  Same scene, but in slow motion from my memory in black and white. It makes me feel mysterious, time went fast......I feel full of love.

Scene 4 Reality: Come back to reality.

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