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【四季印象派 原创音乐印象画】夏天的风景画 Reflecting Pool and Garden To My Dear Love

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【春天了印象派 原创音乐印象画】夏天风景画 Reflecting Pool and Garden 

四季印象派:2019年的旋律 绘画/摄影/制作 chuntianle 

To My Dear Love.
Chuntianle Impressionism Music: Summer Landscape

Painting: Reflecting Pool and Garden

In the summer of 2019, one day, I went out for a walk. "Such a sunny day", I talked to myself. I couldn't help improvising and singing a song. Just like an impressionist who would like to paint sunlight. I put what I saw in the song, the sunshine, the blue sky, the white cloud. The pictures in the video are the painting I drew on a big screen somewhere. I feel they are the combination of abstract and impression.                             

I walked along the Reflecting Pool, I saw ducks, some were having naps, swimming, and some were diving in the brilliant pool. I quickly put the movement of the ducks into the music, and started composing and singing.
I enjoyed what I saw. I liked the beautiful reflection from the water surface, it made me feel affection.  However, I felt a little sad because it was the end of the summer. 
The song I release today is originally from the song I sang that day. I delicate this song to my family, the one I love, and my dear friends. I hope it can bring my love and happiness to you all. 

印象的倒影:绘画/摄影/制作 chuntianle

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