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【春天了印象派 原创音乐故事】When Loving Heart Dances To My Dear Love

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【春天了印象派 原创音乐故事】When Loving Heart Dances  To My Dear Love

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To My Dear Love.
A Song and a Story: Ordinary Life and the Love
When Loving Heart Dances


William Shakespeare says "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players". Originally, I planned to compose the song to describe the ordinary life in Waltz. When composing, I felt love, and I was blessing at that moment, I wished all true love would have a good ending, and the dream would come true. I called the music "When loving heart dances". The music is made of 4 music scenes starting from the pictures in my mind, the girl dances in a small room, in the wider areas, dances with the people she loves, dances in harmony, forever......

Music Scenes:

Scene 1 Dance in a small room: A young girl dances by herself in a small room. She is very pure, and she is happy.

Scene 2 Dance in the wider areas: The girl dances by herself in the wider and wilder areas, the music becomes a little sad. However, it seems like she is very brave, just dances without giving up

Scene 3 Dance with the one she loves: In the scene, I see the girl dances with a handsome and fascinating young man, the one she loves. So close, no distance physically and spiritually. She can't help her heart beating, and falling in love...….

Scene 4 Dance in harmony forever: Life is not just happy, it is sweet too. Music continues flowing ceaselessly. 

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