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【原创即兴曲】抒情的即兴曲 by chuntianle 和原来的即兴做比较

(2018-11-10 05:54:41) 下一个

贴两个即兴曲,一个是原来边弹边作的,一个是十月才作的。 放在一起比较并感受了一下当时的感觉。不同的人不同的时间感觉不一样。再听感觉那时一个恬静,悠闲;一个激情四射, 还有勇气。这一段有点忙,有点累。如果现在即兴弹没有谱子一定弹不出那样的感觉。

原来弹的。好象没有及时贴上来。那天弹了三段即兴曲。第一段放得开,但没有录下来;这个是第二段, 有点拘谨,有点抒情;第三段, 有点异国情调。视频是原来做的,题目也是原来起的。

当时过节,也是雷雨交加之后 。想弹即兴表达一下感觉。 这是其中的一段。
【原创即兴曲】 献给十月,最近弹的。同时写了中文和英文描述。只贴了中文,借此机会贴上英文。
"Impromptu To October" chuntianle
即兴曲 献给十月
Self Composed Song
I played another impromptu last night. In the music, I feel the notes flying up and down; I see rugged roads, and difficulties; I feel the courage, and persistence; there are thinking, and exploring; just like outlines in the paintings, and thick colors adding the finishing touch; try to describe it carefully, and only the "impressions"; there are water-like melody, and plot conflicts. But it reflects the reality glance. It is a spontaneous, fresh and natural feeling. I used to say "The most beautiful things should come from the heart" in one of my posts in the forum. I call this piece of improvisation "To October" or “Ode to October”..

I hope that the songs I wrote or the improvisations draw a touch of "impression", "my impression". I would feel the life and put it into my "impression" "style" of music.

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chuntianle 回复 悄悄话 回复 'Happyyl' 的评论 : 谢谢鼓励。很喜欢你的歌。见到你很开心,感觉既亲切,仗义,又可以信赖。
Happyyl 回复 悄悄话 厉害。作曲家啊!