Von Prof.Dr.TCM Akupunktur-Genie Zhang u. Dr.med.Yu Lu-Spez:

let´s stand up so NO more Chinese would suffer as Mr.Liü f

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let´s give some support to the child´s family, if you´re a human being of this earthland! such case may happen to everyone of us or to our relatives in china, how would you feel then...?

you first have to find out the content of the intravenous medicine your child received from the hospital, and where of the body it was injected (if were accidentaly not injected into venous?, or any allergy reaction...?) hard to say from distance and from your little information provided.

sad to know that patient´s family could be treated this way in a Chinese hospital... would be great if you´ve recorded the beating scenes at the hospital, or taken pictures of your injured families,then post it to the world media, a picture often tells more than thausand words.

everyone is our parents´children and may have own kids, while supporting others we may be protecting ourselves and our families..._(u) _(u) _(u)
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