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The Big Black Puppy

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The big black puppy is my neighbour's dog, a one year(ish) 60-pound naughty girl.

These days she has developed a barking habit once she saw lights through my windows, no matter it's the wee hours or late evening.

I understood her begging: come, play with me, with food? even better!

I hid behind the curtain and peeked out, seeing her green eyes glowing in the backyard, evidence of her being out there.

She saw me, her barking became relentless, waking up everyone in the neighbourhood.

I walked to her, she was at her best, lady like, sitting long, trembling a little, expecting, excited.

I gave her a small piece of carrot, she took it, ears dropped backward, eyes half closed, crunching, crunching, crunching. I wondered what a gourmet tasting experience she was experiencing.

She hated to hear me say "Bye-Bye". Once she heard it, she started barking loud again, and jumped. She can jump almost as high as my height. She also tried to bite without really hurting me. Jump and bite/tear, the crucial hunting skills, are in her blood.

I had to go back to her to calm her down. Thus each time after five or six trying, I left her behind whining.

It is said what god prepared for those who love him are the gifts eyes haven't seen, ears haven't heard, and hearts haven't reached. I think dogs are bridges for us to reach to the gifts as a dog can see and hear what we can't, and it has a bigger heart giving out affections we may not be capable of.

She is a very handsome dog, sitting long confidently, alert and patient, her short black fur is shining under the sun.

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