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After mousesports triumphed 3-2 over Fluid in the grand last of ESG Tour Mykonos, we gripped the Most Valuable Player, Tomáš "oskar" Š?astný, for an interview regarding his team's victory in Greece.

mousesports clinched their first trophy with their brand new lineup at ESG Tour Mykonos, beating Liquid 3-2 in the final, improving their CT sides on the maps they received for the title.

All of us sat down along with one of the winners and the tournament's MVP, Tomáš "oskar" Š?astný, to talk about some of the maps from the grand final as well as mousesports goals later on on the back from the win in Portugal:

After you had your own CT sides quite up and down this whole tournament, in the maps you won in the final, the CT sides looked very good, was there some thing you changed for your grand final?

All of us didn't have long for practice, no more than seven days, so we mainly retouched the Terrorist strategies, there wasn't much time for the CT sides. Here, whenever we lost to SK, we started looking at some tricks and it's really working on some maps. So we worked on them throughout the tournament.

On Mirage, it appeared as if you were going to return as Terrorists, where did it go wrong ultimately?

We always believe we can come back when we're down a great deal, we always believe something can happen and that we can win. Whenever we lost the ecosystem in connector, when our guys went into the smoke 2v4, I knew it was going to be hard. That probably price us Mirage, issue didn't happen, I think we would have received it.

What abour your own performance, the first four maps were quite underwhelming when compared to rest of the tournament, however for the last one a person stepped it upward...

I didn't feel well... I knew I was in contact form, I probably wanted it too much so it didn't work. Next, before Nuke, I went to my room and washed my face, regenerated, and i also told myself 'it's now or in no way, if I'm great, I have to show it now, ' and i also managed to do it.

On Nuke, chrisJ is AWPing on the CT side, was this your idea, did you not feel great on the map with the AWP?

I in no way played the primary AWP in 1 . 6, so I wanted to take pleasure in playing one chart with the M4 as well as AK-47, so we agreed on it and chrisJ likes to AWP. I'm really happy whenever we play Nuke, because sometimes I get worn out with the AWP. I really have fun with the M4 on the CT side, play wherever I want and do what ever I want, so it's really freeing.

Now that might won one competition, what kind of goals will you set for her for the remainder of 2017?

Of course we would like to rise in the ranks, make the top five, maybe three, however it'll be hard. Particularly at ELEAGUE, it's going to be our goal to go to playoffs. And afterwards, we'll see what goes on, if we qualify someplace again. We still have to practice, we are going to only at the beginning, this does not mean anything, we're all happy of course , but it doesn't.

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