Chinese medicine can reduce the suicide of sufferrer with depres

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Chinese medicine can reduce the suicide of sufferrer with depression

         Frank  Aug, 23, 2014, in Waterloo, On. Ca. 

    Aug, 13, 2014, www.chinanews.com published a Mandrin article the number of suicides in the United States are doubled that of in homicide and over the death of AIDS said with that: Director of American Institute of Mental Health, Thomas Yoon said that, for decades, the U.S. suicide rate remains high, the number of suicides per year is in an average of 3.9 million, more than twice of the death in homicide, also higher than car accidents, AIDS or prostate cancer deaths. The main cause is depression.

    The sad facts shocked me very much.

    I think of my July 30, 2012 article Recover Mental Disorders by Chinese Medicine, in which I introduced some modern researches on depression. 

    Depression is a kind of mental disorder, as same as any of other human abnormal behaviors, it caused by brain abnormal that mainly induced by living or working pressure socially.

    “Depressive patients often show neuropsychological deficits in executive functions such as lack of concentration, attention deficits, mood- congruent memory biases and lack of motivation, all impacting directly on cognitive performance. Main affective symptoms are negative mood states, anxiety symptoms or a pervasive lack of positive affect.”                                                  

     “Neuroimaging studies have shown abnormalities in regions of the medial and the lateral prefrontal cortex, the limbic system and basal ganglia.” “Apparent shrinkage of a part of the temporal lobe called the hippocampus, which is critical for memory”. Identified neurophysiological abnormalities in multiple areas of the prefrontal cortex (PFC), the amygdala, and related parts of the striatum and thalamus.”

    As my view, those suicidal people are good-hearted person mostly, because of, they do not want to affect and hurt others, so that themselves bear too much psychological pressure. Those psychological pressure caused them insomnia, loss of appetite and metabolic imbalance, thereby, to cause them in inadequate nutrient supply. Further, to cause part of their brain cells apoptosis, and thereby, to affect them normal thinking, and thus, producing suicidal tendencies.

    As a living human beings, everyone has a instinct desire for survival, to decide to end own life is a difficult choice. In such sad factors, I believed that, in more or less, there is the reason that they do not want to affect and hurt others.

    From another perspective, if these people do whatever they want, to fully release of psychological pressure, they would never suffer depression.

    This world is not fair, bad people boldly do whatever they want to do, by hurting good people as a living, as a fun, as a pleasure.

    Good people should be good to be alive, they should not die with such a simple way. We must help those good people in health living.

    July 30, 2012, in the article Chinese Medicine can Reduce Stress, I indicate that:  

    "We are living in a highly competitive society. The inducing factors of psychological pressure are surrounding us in every moment, we can not escape. Can be done only on the subjective self-regulating to reduce their harms. On this purpose, Chinese drugs can play a effective role."

    "Chinese drug can reduce the negative effects of psychological stress largely. Because it can alleviate the stress symptoms by releasing endorphins, decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, eliminating the oxygen free radicals, lowering the blood pressure, reducing the heart rate, relaxing the muscle tissue, improving the digestion and sleeping, and bringing more fresh oxygen to body tissues by improving the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. This increased blood flow will eliminate the waste products from inside the body and enhance the nutrition supply to take an Antiaging effect."

    July 30, 2012, in the article Chinese Medicine can Improve Sleep, I introduced that:

    "Better Sleep Council Survey Shows 51 Percent of Americans Are Losing Sleep over Stress."

     "Researchers at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine have found that reason why middle-aged men may be losing sleep. It's not just because of what they worry about. Rather, it's due to 'increased vulnerability of sleep to stress hormones.'"

    "Researchers compared patients with insomnia to those without sleep disturbances. They found that "insomniacs with the highest degree of sleep disturbance secreted the highest amount of cortisol , particularly in the evening and nighttime hours," suggesting that chronic insomnia is a disorder of sustained hyperarousal of the body's stress response system." 

    "In as much as stress is the incentive for sleep disturbance, then mitigates the harm of stress on the prevention of sleep problems have great significance."  

    "Stress is the result of comprehensive reaction of the body against the social pressure. Due to the social factors are often unexpectable and uncontrollable, therefore, that the enhancement of the physical ability against stress will be a feasible approach in the prevention and treatment of stress-related sleep disorders." 

    "Many studies show that Chinese drugs can relieve the negative effects of psychological stress through releasing endorphins, decreases the stress hormone cortisol, lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate, relaxes muscle tissue, and bring more fresh oxygen to body tissues by improving the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. This increased oxygen flow will eliminate waste products from inside the body and enhance the recovery from situation being impaired. Those therapeutic effects will improve the sleep disorders." 


    Dec. 22, 2011, in the article Chinese Medicine and Cells Regeneration, I introduced that: 

    "Clinical practices have been demonstrating that Chinese medicine is superior to Western medicine in the treatment and prevention of brain disorders. Chinese Medicine can directly permeate through the blood-brain barrier into the brain to take the therapeutic effect in improving the state of hypoxic ischemic and metabolism. It will not only promote development of immature neurons, but also to repair the damaged nerve cells. Enhance the activity of nerve cells and restore the injured brain. Such as, Chinese medicines have very good therapeutic effect on the congenital cerebral palsy, sequela of cerebrovascular disease and traumatic brain injury as well as Alzheimer’s disease, etc."

    "Chinese medicine contains various natural nutrients that are easily absorbed by our body, such as, amino acids, peptides, phospholipids and so on. So the treatment in Chinese medicine is able to generate magical effect that simply can not get in the treatment of medication or surgery in Western medicine. Chinese medicine is a kind of restorative treatment in the level of cell and gene, through providing nutrients for the damaged nerve cells, to promote residual neurons regeneration. Therefore the damaged function of the nerve system will be restored."

    Promotion of nerve cell’s differentiation and development

    "In vitro, vivo and clinical trials in the conditions of normal, hypoxic and glutamate damage, shows that Chinese medicine can increase cells’ activity, promote nerve cell’s differentiation and development. Inhibit the apoptosis of nerve cells in the earlier, middle and later stage, which induced by hypoxic and glutamate damage."

    Promotion of neuronal growth

     "Neonatal rat’s dorsal root ganglia in serum-free culture, for the test group add the Chinese medicine in basic culture medium, control group add nothing. In the test group, the length of dorsal root ganglion cells neurites are (314 ± 43) μm. It is significantly larger than that of (76 ± 26) μm in control group. These results indicate that, in vitro, Chinese medicine can promote the growth of dorsal root ganglia and cerebral cortex neurons."

    Activation of undifferentiated stem cells  

   "In the central nervous system, there are some undifferentiated stem cells. Chinese medicine possesses the ability to activate those stem cells to split and regenerate new cells. So that make the nerve cells be restored to normal levels from original absolutely decreased status."

    "Ischemic injured Brain, after 7 days’ treatment of Chinese medicine, in ischemic injured area, found a great number of nestin expressions. This showes that Chinese medicine possesses a strong ability to promote the proliferation of adult neural stem cells in vivo. The Experiments also observed that the functional recovery of patients’ limb is sync with the increase of nestin level. The results proved that the Chinese medicine can effectively promote the nestin expression. Therefore contribute to rebuild nerve tissue effectively after cerebral ischemia damage."

     July 30, 2012, in the article Recover Mental Disorders by Chinese Medicine, I introduced a case that I once cured a prevalence ten years psychiatric patient by Chinese medicine.

                 --- Frank  Aug, 23, 2014, in Waterloo, On. Ca. 


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