宁静纯我心 感得事物人 写朴实清新. 闲书闲话养闲心,闲笔闲写记闲人;人生无虞懂珍惜,以沫相濡字字真。
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Conviction - Lee Strobel

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From rejection, contradiction, collusion to conviction

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From rejection, contradiction, collusion to conviction: A journal of science to faith

(everyone is unique: find your own uniqueness - a life journey. You can bounce your own to others, but it's still your own pursue - you can't accept what others find as in your human nature.)


"What do you got to lose by believing in God? " Pastor Greg Lauie told me when I's in his seminar room.

Yes. The older you're, the more you think about spituality - most of my former classmates as atheist, now inquire about where they'll go after death, pursuing their journey of faith. How? where to start? An alumna Cao Yanxia WeChat her finding, as below.


My conviction was you can't come to faith by investigation, detective as what as human you're limited - hard to ponder what God thinks and does - but if you're such, you're your own way to your faith. Here is an example.




Lee Patrick Strobel (born January 25, 1952) is an American Christian apologetic author and a former investigative journalist.[1] He has written several books, including four which received ECPA Christian Book Awards (1994, 1999, 2001, 2005)[2] and a series which addresses challenges to a Biblically inerrant view of Christianity.[3] Strobel also hosted a television program called Faith Under Fire on PAX TV,[4] and runs a video apologetics web site. Strobel has been interviewed on numerous national television programs, including ABC's 20/20, Fox News, and CNN.[5]



LEE STROBEL  Case For Christ Full Documentary) Special Upload   Movies

https://www.google.com/webhp?tab=mw&ei=Ml0PWdSLEorX-QH195jICQ&ved=0EKkuCAgoAQ#q=Lee+strobel+movie&spf=1 (Case For Christ Full Documentary)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaQxCyoalJQ  (The Case for Faith)

Excellent!! I loved The case for the Creator too. Thanks for making these videos. Its so sad that even with evidences like these there are people who refuse to consider and think themselves smart when the deride Christianity and its claims. Paul was right when he said that the god of this world has blinded the eyes of those who do not believe.... 2 Corinthians 4:4.Open their eyes Lord that they see the light of this glorious gospel.



Jemmerx, Jemmerx, I've never been so roundly rebuked in my life and, honestly, it was more Exhilerating than I would have thought! I don't have answers to many of your reworded questions (being the intellectual dilettante that I am!) however, I'd like to give a couple of  your points a 'go'. For starters, you say what should be proved is not the non-existence of God but the proof of God's existence.  To that I would say, the world's order proves intellectual design.  In fact, these high-minded scientist couldn't do their studies and experiments if they didn't expect to be able to extrapolate their findings to others- even in the same species.  I mean, if there is no order, what's the point of studying anything?  If you can't draw conclusion that would hold up, you're wasting time. These guys would be much better off by skiing on an snow covered mountain, while the mountain's still standing!But none of us believe that absurdity.  We believe these fellows can explain phenomenon which, in turn, can help establish other conclusions.  To my mind, science explains the mechanisms that God created for the world to be able to function.  To say it's God or Science is a false choice.  As to Berlinski, I agree with you about his shallow efforts to prove anything he says.  I watched a debate Berlinski had with my favorite atheist, the late Christopher Hitchens.  They were debating the existence of God and the ramifications.  Berlinski started off strong and made good points.  However, as the debate wore on, Hitchens hit Berlinski with something (I can't remember what), and Berlinski was frustrated and finally said, "I don't actually live what I say I believe......I'm not that good of a man."  Case closed; argument lost! We really do need to know what we believe and why or we will all be taken out by the Hitchens in our world.  Thank you for your thoughtful reply.


Clyde River Forge N.S.

This is a great documentary. Very accurate information. There my be some confusion about the word 'Rabbi' not being used in Christ's time, but only after 70AD. The arguement arises "The books must have been made up by other people other than the disciples and long after they were all dead, because they called Jesus Rabbi in them." Here is the answer to clear the confusion: it was not an office or title until after 70AD, but it was used to describe great teachers before then. There is evidence of this in funeral and grave inscriptions with rabbi or didaskalos which means the same thing.  The fact that they called Jesus Rabbi is not a valid arguement against the claim that the gospels were eye witness accounts. https://faculty.gordon.edu/hu/bi/ted_hildebrandt/ntesources/ntarticles/gtj-nt/mare-ntrabbi-gtj-70.pdf?



Contrast and compare Jesus' disciples to the followers of Muhammad. Jesus' disciples did not kill people, they did not have to coerce people. They brought hope, real love, compassion. And what of Muhammad? We see today the character of the jihadiis, even selling women as sex slaves and even children and boys too, to be tormented and passed around, beaten and spat upon. Others beheaded by them in mass graves, people who had done no harm to their attackers. Which one is holy and true? Faith in Jesus changes lives for the better, and once you have experienced being in His presence through the Holy Spirit living in your heart, there is nothing that can sway you from Him.



~~ the book at Amzon ~~

The Case for Christ Movie Edition: Solving the Biggest Mystery of All Time (Case for ... Series)Paperback– February 28, 2017

Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God?

Now a major motion picture, Case for Christ, Strobel retraces his own spiritual journey from atheism and former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune to faith. Strobel cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates from schools like Cambridge, Princeton, and Brandeis who are recognized authorities in their own fields. He challenges them with questions like, how reliable is the New Testament? Does evidence for Jesus exist outside the Bible? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual event?

Strobel’s tough, point-blank questions read like a captivating, fast-paced novel. But it’s not fiction. It’s a riveting quest for the truth about history’s most compelling figure.

The new edition includes scores of revisions and additions, including updated material on archaeological and manuscript discoveries, fresh recommendations for further study, and an interview with the author that tells dramatic stories about the book's impact, provides behind-the-scenes information, and responds to critiques of the book by skeptics. As The Case for Christ and its ancillary resources approach 10 million copies in print, this updated edition will prove even more valuable to contemporary readers.


~~ comment on this movie



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