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Olivia's Guys

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Just like I have my favorite guys and daddy has his favorite girls when watching TV or going to the movies, Olivia started to have her guys too even though she is only six years old. 

The first one she referred to as “my guy” was Ruben from American Idol a couple of years ago (she was three?). We were both hooked to the show that season and she rooted for Ruben Studdard and I rooted for Clay Aiken to win. While we were watching the show she would say: “Mommy, mommy, it is my big belly guy’s turn!” or “My guy is so good” or “Mommy, here comes your skinny guy.”

Then it was Michael whom I already wrote about and believe she still holds very special feelings for even though they no longer see each other anymore. Unfortunately we do not have a picture of him. I doubt she will remember what this handsome boy looks like when she grows older.

I am not yet sure if the teenage boy who is the lead of High School Musical is her guy or not. But what I know is this. A couple of days ago, after I dragged her out of her bed in the morning to get ready for the daycare, Olivia reluctantly came downstairs wrapped in her comforter, sat on the couch and complained about how tired she still was while I was preparing the milk for her and Evan.  She was whiny and did not look happy on her face at all.

Then she turned on the TV, it happened to be the commercial for High School Musical with the close up of the leading boy singing the theme song. Literally within a second, her facial expression totally changed, the grumpy look was gone and replaced by a genuine smile that I bet she herself did not even realize she had. It was so cute.

Finally, about two weeks ago, Olivia was with me when I was deleting some pictures in our digital camera as the card was full. We glanced through all the pictures including the ones daddy took back in February when the two of them went to watch a NBA basketball games between the New Jersey Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks. She suddenly pointed to one of the pictures saying:

“Oh, mommy, don’t delete this one, that's my guy.”

“Your guy?” that was a news to me. I did not know since when she’s had a basketball guy. It was Andrew Bogut from the Bucks she was pointing at.  (I learned later from daddy that Bogut was from
and was the number one pick in the 2005 NBA Draft.)

"Why is he your guy?" I asked.

“Because he is pretty. Hehehe…” she smiled and answered shyly.

“You think he is pretty?” I couldn’t help but ask as he didn't appear to be good looking to me at all (sorry, Andrew). Of course his eyes were half way shut in the picture which certainly did not help:).

“Yeah.” Olivia nodded.

Daddy added that since that game, in the few times he was watching NBA games on TV and Bogut was shown, Olivia would remember him and say: “Daddy, there's my guy!”

As almost none of these guys Olivia has chosen strikes mommy as her type, I am a little worried what kind of guy Olivia will bring home 10 or 12 years from now :). I can’t wait to see her reaction the day when she reads this post after she grows up. Will she still like them or she think this is all silly? Hahaha…

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冰溪 回复 悄悄话 Thanks! You should try it next time, it turned out much better than we expected:)
寒枝 回复 悄悄话 She is so beautiful in this picture! I can't believe you got it from the dummy camera in Chuck E. Cheese!