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Golden Faith

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Happy New Year everyone and apologies for the late post. It’s the first time in my life I don’t feel  the most sparkly and energetic at the beginning of the year. I guess its ok to be feeling overwhelmed due to this global pandemic:) 


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I was very lazy during the holiday. We ordered lots of Chinese dishes from restaurants and drunk lots of wine. I watched the Chinese TV series Golden Faith (流金歲月) until 3am on new year’s eve. Haven’t done that in ages! 


Have you ever heard of Golden Faith (流金歲月)? It was originally written by Yi shu(亦舒), one of my favorite Chinese female writers. 張曼玉 and 鍾楚紅 played two main characters when the adapted movie first came out during the 80s. 


The newly released TV version’s story plot was very different from the original story. And in my opinion no other Chinese actress now days can meet the glamour during 張曼玉 and 鍾楚紅’s peak time. But I still found it’s kind interesting. The story was about the relationship between two very different young ladies 蒋南孙 朱锁锁,Their pain, their growth. 


Ok, my wasteful life during the holiday is over. Let’s go back to the normal track:) 


See you tomorrow!



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