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Care and Courage

Open minded

Never, ever give up

Grateful for what we have

Read more, so we understand better

Ask if you don't know

Teamwork is very important

Use your time wisely 

Laugh more

Answer each question with patience 

Tea break is necessary

Imagination can be fun

Optimize your decisions

Nap time is a must

Son, we love you:-)

Congratulations to you on National Match Day!


The road to become a doctor is long and full of challenges, especially during the three years of residency training.  Hope you will be able to:

Care and Courage--有一颗仁慈的心对待每一位病人,有勇气面对医学与生命的有限性。

Treat every patient with a heart that is genuine and kind. Have courage to face the limitations of the medicine and life. 

Open minded--所以敞开胸怀去探索各种的可能,接纳不完美的自己和他人。

Be open to explore all the possibilities. Accept the imperfect self and others. 

Never give up--面对困难和失败不轻言放弃,这种不放弃不是不撞南墙不回头,而是坚信条条大路通罗马,在综合各方面因素后,找到最合适的方法并争取最佳的结果。

Give your best effort when you feel things are too difficult to overcome or when you experience the failure. You can try again or find alternatives to reach the same destination. Seek the most proper method that will lead you to the best solution. 


Be grateful for what we have will get our attention to small happiness here and there that so often people may ignore. The feeling of satisfication and success can lower the pressure from your work and routine life. 

Read more--读书也是减压的好方法,不论是专业书还是杂书,你都可以从中学习到东西。加深对专业和生活的理解。

Reading is another approach to reduce stress level. You can always learn a lot from reading books in your focused area and books that describe various aspects of people's life. Reading can also help you develop competency in your specialty as well as gain indepth understanding about the life. 

Ask--有问题时多问,你周围的人都可以成为你的老师。对新的环境不太清楚时更应该多问多了解。 有经验人一分钟的点拨胜过你一天漫无目标的寻找。

Don't be afraid of asking if you have any questions. People around you could serve as your teachers. It is specially important to absorb information when you are a new comer and unfamiliar to the environment. Remember, a tip given from an expert in a minute would be more meaningful than the aimless search for an entire day.  


Together, Every one can Achieve More. To build up a strong team, you need to know how to effectly cooperate and communicate with people who are above and around you and the people under your leadership. Stay humble because you need to bend knees first to jump higher.  

Use of time--  时间有限,任务繁多,相信你能按轻重缓急安排好。

I heard one of the suggestions during this year's Match day ceremony is "use cleaning service". This indicates that you will be extremely busy with endless tasks. I am sure that you will manage time well and prioritize things that need your immediate attention and action. 

Laugh more--笑容如阳光可以与人温暖,可以融化坚冰。记得你小时候喜欢看幽默画,希望你会给自己找到或开怀大笑,或温馨一笑的时刻。

I can recall so many times we laugh together especially when you show me some hilarious Sunday newspaper comics. Similar to the sunshine, laugh has the power to warm and melt the heart. I hope you can discover ways to share your smile with joy. 

Answer with patience--你的工作需要你与很多人沟通,有问有答,当你不忙时做到耐心解答不难,可当你忙累之时,你最需要的也是足够的耐心和爱心。耐心可以使人冷静。

I like doctors who can take the time to provide professional answers to ease patients' concerns. It will not be too hard to achieve this when you are not in a rush. However, it will take a great effort to stay calm and patient when you are busy and exhausted.   

Tea break-- 所以累了,烦了,觉得耐心不足的时候,给自己倒一杯清茶,会有清心醒脑的功效呢。

Therefore, give yourself a tea break to clear your mind.  

Imagination can be fun--当休息的时候让思绪放松,如野马脱缰般的潇洒。生活不仅仅是医院病人电脑房,去打球,去看电影,去陪女朋友吃饭,去与同事同学出游。去想象自己在九彩的餐台前做一道最精致的美食。当你觉得生活有趣的时候,你会发现工作也变得活泼了。

Let imaginiation carry you to the places where you can relax and wonder. There are so much we could do in our life. Enjoy every moment and do things you like such as playing tennis, playing cello, or making a delicious dish... When you experience the happiness and fun in life, the routine work will be more pleasant. 

Optimize your decisions-- 其实生活工作中的每一步都是做决定的过程。医生的决定对病人是否能够得到及时有效的治疗至关重要。希望这三年的实践让你有机会运用所学的知识,细查明断,帮助病人找到最好的诊疗方案。

Do you agree that life is a process of decision making? Doctor's diagnostic assessment and decisions are crucial to each patient to receive effective treatment in a timely manner. Hope you will be more experienced to apply what you have learned to the practice and make the best decision for your patients. 

Nap time is a must--抓紧一切时间小睡。提高睡眠的质量。只有最好的休息,才会有健康,有充沛的精力和体力。你要切记老医生的嘱咐。

"Find time to sleep" is a suggestion by a senior doctor. It is so true to feel recharged after a quality sleep. Rest well so we can work better. 

Son, 我们爱你。

Congratulations! 祝贺你。


March 18, 2016


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