Let the beautiful tumble
文章来源: kirn2022-09-02 19:10:00

Let the beautiful youth with feathers tumble
disastrous times are mine
Let the wrinkled clothes with fins smile
azure lights shall shine

Black clouds smash everywhere
farmers measure the storm on their way home
Shall the darkness fall and fall to why I am here
soldiers march off until the cold gets warm

Drive into the wild when lighting is high
old trees are silent but proudly stand
Abash, abash to let the birds cry
for a moment in life shall I understand

Please do not bless me with humidity
shall fierce rain drown my breath
And let the wind stream and leave me
as every spirit sings to the lonely earth

Would the final stars still arise
burying the moon like it has never existed
Exchange the forlorn with praise
the whole world is waiting for this peaceful period


On the stormy way home--or to be stormy

With months of droughts it finally floods