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We must all do everything in our power to protect lives



The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in a generation.

 It calls for dramatic action, at home and abroad, of the kind not normally seen in peacetime.


 Our goal is clear. The over-riding objective is to protect life. Sadly 21 people have already died in the UK, and the fact that most had underlying health conditions does not make the grief of their families any lesser, nor our compassion for their family and friends any weaker. We must all do everything in our power to tackle this virus.


We have a plan, based on the expertise of world-leading scientists. Herd immunity is not a part of it. That is a scientific concept, not a goal or a strategy. Our goal is to protect life from this virus, our strategy is to protect the most vulnerable and protect the NHS through contain, delay, research and mitigate.


We are working through our clear action plan. Like all our decisions, the plan is based on the bedrock of the science, with maximum transparency. We will do the right thing at the right time, based on the best available science. 


To protect life, we must protect the vulnerable, and protect the NHS and flatten the curve.


From the moment coronavirus emerged, we have followed those goals.


We have acted to contain the spread of the virus so far. We have carried out some of the highest number of tests in Europe, our surveillance testing is among the most sophisticated in the world and the UK’s plans for the rapid response to and mitigation of the spread of an epidemic are ranked number one above any other country by the Global Health Security Index. Most importantly of all, thanks to our record levels of tracing the number of people who came into contact with the first people who caught the virus, the initial growth was slowed significantly, and the growth of the virus in the UK has been slower than many major European countries. This action has already prevented the NHS being put under greater pressure in its hardest season of the year. We have bought valuable time to prepare.


Last week we stepped into the next phase of our response. We took action to advise anyone with symptoms, however mild, to stay at home. This advice from the Chief Medical Officer will be reinforced with a national communications campaign so everyone knows what they can do: how you can play your part. The new campaign will set out the latest clinical advice, for people to stay at home for seven days if they develop a high temperature or new continuous cough.  We can all keep doing our bit by continuing to wash our hands more often, for 20 seconds or more and having plenty of tissues around to ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’. Following this new advice may sound simple, but it could be lifesaving for others around us, especially the most vulnerable.


Today, we take further action, with a call to arms for a drive to build the ventilators and other equipment the NHS will need. We are better equipped thanks to the NHS than most other countries, but we will need many more. We now need any manufacturers to transform their production lines to make ventilators. We cannot make too many.


In the near future we will take further steps. SAGE has advised the next planned effective interventions will need to be instituted soon, including measures to ‘shield’ older and medically vulnerable people from the virus. Everyone will need to help to ensure they get the support they need to stay at home, and to protect them from the consequences of isolation: loneliness, and a lack of support. Government, local councils, charities, friends and neighbours will need to be part of the national effort to support the shielded. We will provide expert advice and support as soon as we progress to this phase.


Next week we will publish our emergency bill, to give the Government the temporary powers we will need to help everyone get through this. The measures in it allow for the worst case scenario. I hope many of them won’t be needed. But we will ask Parliament for these powers in case they are.


Our generation has never been tested like this. Our grandparents were, during the Second World War, when our cities were bombed during the Blitz. Despite the pounding every night, the rationing, the loss of life, they pulled together in one gigantic national effort.


Today our generation is facing its own test, fighting a very real and new disease. We must fight the disease to protect life. Everyone will be asked to make sacrifices, to protect themselves and others, especially those most vulnerable to this disease. With our clear action plan, listening to the advice of the best science, and taking the action we all must, I am sure we will rise to this challenge.

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We must all do everything in our power to protect lives




  来源:《每日电讯报》(The Telegraph)







 我们的目标很明确。 首要目标是保护生命。 可悲的是,在英国已经有21人死亡,而且大多数人都有基本的健康状况,这一事实并没有减轻他们家人的悲伤,也没有减轻我们对家人和朋友的同情心。 我们都必须尽一切力量来应对这种病毒。


 我们基于世界领先科学家的专业知识制定了一项计划。 畜群免疫不是其中的一部分。 那是一个科学概念,而不是目标或战略。 我们的目标是保护生命免受这种病毒的侵害,我们的战略是通过遏制,延迟,研究和缓解措施来保护最脆弱的人群并保护NHS


 我们正在制定明确的行动计划。 像我们所有的决定一样,该计划基于科学的基石,具有最大的透明度。我们将根据现有最佳科学,在正确的时间做正确的事情。






 迄今为止,我们已采取行动遏制了病毒的传播。 我们在欧洲进行了数量最多的测试,我们的监视测试是世界上最复杂的测试之一,英国对流行病的快速反应和缓解计划在所有国家中均排名第一。 由全球健康安全指数。 最重要的是,由于我们有创纪录的追踪与最初感染该病毒的人接触的人数的记录,因此最初的增长显着放缓,并且英国的病毒增长比许多人都要慢 欧洲主要国家。 这一举动已经阻止了NHS在一年中最艰难的季节承受更大的压力。 我们花了宝贵的时间准备。


 上周,我们进入了回应的下一个阶段。 我们采取了行动,建议任何症状轻微的人都留在家里。 首席医学官的这项建议将通过全国性的宣传活动得到加强,这样每个人都知道他们可以做什么:如何发挥自己的作用。 新的运动将提出最新的临床建议,如果人们出现高温或新的持续咳嗽,他们可以在家里呆七天。 我们所有人都可以继续做自己的事情,方法是继续更频繁地洗手,持续20秒或更长时间,并用大量的纸巾围住以抓住,装箱,杀死它 遵循这一新建议听起来很简单,但对于我们周围的其他人,尤其是最脆弱的人,可能可以挽救生命。


 今天,我们采取了进一步的行动,呼吁武装起来兴建NHS所需的呼吸机和其他设备。 与大多数其他国家/地区相比,NHS使我们拥有更好的装备,但是我们将需要更多的装备。 现在,我们需要任何制造商对其生产线进行改造以制造通风机。 我们不能做太多。


 在不久的将来,我们将采取进一步的措施。  SAGE建议,下一个计划中的有效干预措施将需要尽快实施,包括采取措施屏蔽那些年长且医疗脆弱的人群,使其免受病毒感染。 每个人都将需要帮助以确保他们获得留在家里所需的支持,并保护他们免受孤立的后果:孤独和缺乏支持。 政府,地方议会,慈善机构,朋友和邻居将需要成为支持残疾人的国家努力的一部分。 进行到此阶段后,我们将提供专家建议和支持。


 下周我们将发布我们的紧急法案,以赋予政府临时权力,我们将需要它们帮助所有人实现这一目标。 其中的措施考虑了最坏的情况。 我希望其中许多人是需要的。 但是,如果有的话,我们将向议会要求这些权力。


 我们这一代人从未经过过这样的测试。 我们的祖父母是在第二次世界大战期间,我们的城市在闪电战中被炸毁。 尽管每晚沉重的敲击,定量配给,人员伤亡,但他们全力以赴,全力以赴。


 今天,我们这一代人正面临着自己的考验,正在与一种非常真实和新的疾病作斗争。 我们必须与疾病作斗争以保护生命。 每个人都将被要求做出牺牲,以保护自己和他人,特别是那些最容易感染这种疾病的人。 通过我们明确的行动计划,听取最佳科学建议,并采取我们所有人都必须采取的行动,我相信我们将迎接这一挑战。






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