Jazz and Classical Music & 歌友原创,《O Cometa-彗星》
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Are You Ready - 原创 by 欲借嵯峨 



Baby, are you ready

Let's climb the mountains,

 While you stand by me.

Baby, are you ready

Let's touch the waves 

Let's go to see the sea

Baby, I miss your smile

Like whispering wind, you sent to me.


Baby, as we promised

Don't be sad, don't hold your tears

I know I am a fool

But I know you are my world

If you bled

I bleed the same

If you're scared

I am on my way.


Baby, are you ready

Let's walk in the clouds,

 Touching the dream

Baby, are you ready

Let me hold your hands

Say I love you


葡萄牙语歌《O Cometa-彗星》。 merlotwine -