9/14 学写英文---新闻生活随笔
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Products shortage and price increasing are issues people are facing now.  There are bunch of reasons for it, labor shortage, globle supply chain,material cost and freight increasing, etc, even experts don’t know when will the products price be moderated. The inflation rates in June and July were historically high in twelve years based on what I heard in this morning’s radio news. As a reckless person, I was not aware of the inflation much, but i heard it quite often from news. I felt the inflation from the soaring price for lobster. before the pandemic, periodicly there were promotions on lobster. the price would drop to $8.99/lb, sometime even $5.99/lb. When the pandemic brokeout, the price has been staying at $17.99/ $14.99/lb, there were no promotions at all. now it is still the case.   


The collapse of Afhgham government in 11 days was not predicated. Even 116,000 people were evacuated just in 2 weeks before Aug 31st, the deadline of the US troops’ withdrawal, there are still roughly 1500 Aemricans  may still await Kabul evacuation. Given Taliban’s extreme features, these people are in danger. as an American's narrative, his whole families are still in Kabul, they have trouble to go to airport to escape from the country. “We will be used as barging chips for diplomatic issues.”this middle-age American guy fired off in a tone filling with anger and frustration. Relating with what I heard from yesterday, Taliban are checking every home, trying to find any evidences that people used to work for Afhgham government in pervious years. One previous officer was found and dead. The withdrawal was a failure and have got criticism from people in different political groups. “14.2 million women and girls will living in highly oppresed enviorment, don’t expect Taliban changing by executing what they promised“  a politician said.  


 Now the delta variant related Covid-19 cases spiked in some areas. New York City school district was hit hardly in 2020-2021 school year, since quite amount of schools didn’t offer in person learning at all during that preriod, a lot of kids have been struggling on distance learning either from their inferior online learning skill or they didn’t have stable wifi facility at home, or they even had no homes of their own at all. It is the 3rd week since the school reopening for 2021-2022 school year. even the Covid-19 cases spiked in NYC in the past a few weeks, the school district refused offering distance learning.  It looks like the leaders of NYC school district don’t want to go over the same road as they did last year. 


there are state-wide school bus driver shortage in CT now. the superintendent advocated kids and parents show respect and gratitude to the school bus drivers by handing over gratitude cards with a few words on them.  


昨天和一个朋友聊天 ,她的一个女儿博士数学系毕业,去年被苹果录用,年薪10万。以苹果的名气和女孩的学历,这个薪资比我想像的要少。

早上问儿子是否要帮他给另一幅动澷画加个画框,他好挂起来,他说好。另外我告诉他还会买几个小墙钉,他可以把另一幅卷轴动漫画挂起来。想想自己这点,也算是OPEN-MINDED MOM。 但我也曾为他游戏上瘾担心过。我和他谈过此问题,让他评估自己。他意识到他有此倾向,但还没达到上瘾的程度,因为他没有因此而不想上学,不去参加运动。我说记得你为什么哭吗?那是你在STRUGGLE。 若不是我坚持,你哭过后战胜了内心里的另一个我,你是有可能会滑向那个深渊的。当外,这也和我与你的谈话,你自身不傻有关,知道上瘾意味着什么。所以我有帮你,你也在帮你自己, 这通过你想学吉他,学电子画,参加课后运动表现出来。等以后你的功课逐渐多起来,你也没什么时间玩了。


其实他也从玩游戏中学到了不少。他与我的信息都是用的中文书写,有些奇怪,这么多年没用中文的话,恐怕都该丢得差不多了。问他,他说他一直都有在学中文。因为他爱玩的一款游戏是上海的一家游戏公司设计的。从这款游戏,粉丝遍布全球,特别在日本和中国很流行。那家公司半年就盈利0.5BILLION。他和世界各地的玩友一起玩,他们相互交流电子方面的知识,相信他参加了很多的论坛,只是我不知道。7年级时,他的老师说以他的背景,能达到目前的英文水平,让他非常吃惊。现在回想起来,很可能是和他在玩游戏时与他人的交流有关。他的志向也很明确,COMPUTER ENGINEERING。 所以我还会让他继续玩,是社交,是学习,也是放松,就是要控制玩的时间。


而一位妈妈和我提到她14岁的儿子时是这样说的:去年9月,因为我们担心病毒,就让他在家DISTANCE LEARNING, 等到11月我想让他去学校HYBER LEARNING 时,他拒绝去,说如果他去了,他就无法保证他拿到全A, 他只能拿到C。 今年9月他被迫只能去学校上课,但他拒绝参加任何的课外体育活动,钢琴也不弹了,也不和邻居与他一起长大,一起玩的同龄朋友玩了,就是玩游戏,唯一他就是能把作业写完。我问她孩子有没有志向?她说没有。我说你要小心,这很像是VIDEO GAME addiction。 一定要帮他把过来。去年一年多的疫情造成了很多问题,其中一个问题就是DRUG ADDITION 和 BEHAVIOR ADDICTION, VIDEO GAME ADDICTION 是BEHAVIOR ADDICTION的一种。