The bride colored glaze armour tutorial
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Transparent coloured glaze armour is very good-looking, but a lot of brides think coloured glaze armour is very difficult to do. At this time, the glass a tutorial or glass a

Practice is very important, not imagine the difficulty.

Step one

Polish, smooth nails with a file into the hair surface, in the process of grinding to pay attention to the strength, otherwise the nail will become thin, nail edge

The edge should be polished or it will fall off easily.

Step 2

It's going to be coated with a desiccant (binder), which is to get rid of the excess water, and also for the subsequent gel which sticks to the nail very well


Step 3

To use refers to the plate, glass a want to do this can not be less transparent. Stick the scale as shown in the picture below.

Note that the paper holder should be stuck under the nail, not above the nail, and the scale should be right.

Step 4

Prepare double-sided tape and tin foil, which needs to be crumpled to create the texture of glass. Now only drag and paste good pairs

Glue, and then stick the tin foil on it, pay attention to the bright side of the tin foil up.

Step 5

Choose a color you like and start applying it, usually on either side, to create a gradient and shape

Easy to grasp, when applying extension glue and nail joint place a little thicker will be more solid, pay attention to the extension of some thin glue, on

Be careful not to let too much of it flow everywhere.

Step 6

Go into UV lamp for 2 minutes and take out.

Step seven

Press step 5 to take it out and then apply the glue again, you can make different shades and then the main thing is to make the shape of the nail more beautiful


Step 8

Apply a silver sequin gel for a simple effect, leaving a little space near the edge of the nail, not on the skin


Step 9

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Apply the silver gel and shine in the UV lamp for 2 minutes.

Step 10

Apply a layer of clear gel, mainly to proofread the entire shape of the nail. Hold it in the light for 2 minutes after finishing. Be careful not to make it too thick

Because the nail is already thick after the first two times.

Step 11

Take off your paper stock and foil and use off-key polish to give your body a better shape.


Apply the seal layer. This will make the nail shine and look beautiful. After applying the seal layer, shine it in the UV lamp for 2 minutes.

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