Bride style
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To be the most beautiful bride in the wedding ceremony, the bride's hair style is very important. Lovely Japanese bride hair nifty pure charming and charming, if you

Want to be in oneself wedding, become to do lovely bride, so day type hairstyle is first selection absolutely.

1, a Japanese style retro style hair style, thick qi bangs hair style to make the inside button style, a high temperament

Hair of bun dish reveals a kind of temperament to repair colour feeling, and whole modelling highlights a kind of relaxed temperament feeling, the hair that adorns an individual character

Act the role of the temperament that reveals a chic feeling.

2, the neat bang of type inside buckle reveals a kind of clever fair maiden temperament, a delicate dish sends hairstyle, the hairstyle of the vogue on collocation

Highlight a sense of fashion, so that the whole shape of the bride's temperament. The draping of the hair avoids the monotony of the curls.

3, this one day type bride dish hair, will the whole modelling nest a kind of relaxed and succinct temperament, and will hair in the top of the head dish out to make

Type feeling, have stereo beauty quite. On bottom ornament head flower reveals the chic feeling that gives whole modelling, lightsome and fashionable.

4, side dish hair hair style is also a good choice. Wear a cute ponytail on the side and start to style your hair

Fashion sense, temperament in the match up quite show fashion sense.

5, if the bride is a flowing hair style, might as well long hair into a full braid, and then began to braid it

, the one side that melting flat bang hairstyle shows qing li and fair maiden fan.

6, high bun hair can of course show the bride temperament and noble side, not only simple and personality, high bun hair

Show a chic sense of temperament, if you also like may wish to try it!

This style is perfect for short brides. Have bang already make, show a melting feeling and the roll of two side

Hair bang is more the individual character that shows melting cabinet, and fleeciness dish hair style also is good of course a hairstyle design, simple and easy


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8, a Japanese style bride dish hair, oblique bangs hair style highlights a refreshing fashion sense, for the big round face of the girl is the same

Have a personality, so give it a try if you like it too.

9. Japanese princess hair is simple and stylish. So look at the individual character modelling of vogue below

. Simple and stylish.

10, there is a age effect of a qi bangs Japanese hair style, dark brown pick hair very fashionable temperament, simple dish

Hair highlights the fair maiden fan of dignified elegance.

11, very suitable for girls daily do a simple Japanese retro hair style design, side part of the long hair tied low bun, simple big

Square dew forehead dish hair is relaxed and intellectual

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