Wedding day schedule
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Outgoing firecracker

The bride's mother took her new shoes downstairs and the groom changed them for her. The bride's mother set off firecrackers

Go to the groom's house and say goodbye to the bride's parents and go to the groom's house.

The groom's family set off firecrackers when the bridal car arrived

At the door, the bride and bridegroom come in and pay a visit to their in-laws

The groom fed the bride sweets. Cameraman, cameraman capture lens. dessert

Set off to shoot the exterior shots

Take an outdoor shot in the field of view photographer; A makeup artist

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After leaving for the hotel and arriving at the hotel, there is plenty of time for the couple to have a rest and arrange wedding rehearsal.

At the scene of the hotel, the new guests will welcome the guests at the door of the banquet hall, and the guests will sign in

The master of ceremonies announces the commencement of the ceremony

The bride enters the ceremony. The bride is brought in by her father (or groom). The bride's father or groom's flowers come into the ceremony

The witness speaks on stage, and the couple exchange ring words and background music

Champagne was poured at the ceremony

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