YOUWEI has a tail: always has a playful tail.
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YOUWEI has a tail: always has a playful tail.

(March 30, 2018) "I'm not a designer, I'm a buyer, I know what they need. I like to use the anti-push method, I know who you are, so I know what to give you. This is the answer from the interview on the first show of Shanghai fashion week by MOMO.Z.

On Wednesday afternoon, when the lights with the music over the runway lights up, like a movie plot by advance, China high on women's clothing brand "YOUWEI have tail" in 2018 Shanghai fashion week debut pulled open the prelude to the "dreaming". YOUWEI will use a "dream" to show how we should reach our former dreams.

A 20-minute dream through time and space.

Unlike most brands, the two years of "YOUWEI have a tail" show a 20-minute drama, with different colors or collections.

This time, YOUWEI has launched a new generation of supermodel xue dongqi, he ruoyang, and in this fashion week dance stage, a total of 40 sets of distinctive clothing. "We call this season theme 'much', after because women stepped into the mature stage, will change in my mind, I want to make the women in real life still have a chance to touch the dream, feel the dreams of the beautiful again. The dream is to wake up a woman, but you want to change it very simply, and the dress itself may not be the only thing that will enlighten you in the present moment. MOMO.Z is sharing this season's design inspiration.

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