ZT freshman
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Freshman year - To do's

1. Meet with your counselor to go over your 4-year course schedule. Keep 
her/him updated through-out high school as you make decisions about what 
colleges and majors you're considering.
2. Ask both counselors and teachers to keep you informed of any special 
programs or extracurricular activities that are available.
3. Make a list of academic and personal goals. Revise them at least once 
a year.
4. Get to know teachers so they get to know you. At some point you may 
need recommendations for summer programs, scholarships and college applications. Watered-down, generalized recommendations don't help.
5. Check out web sites of your 'dream' colleges. What are their admission requirements? Are you taking the right courses? [Also check the requirements for any specific majors you're considering at school...note how much math, science and foreign language is required.]
6. Register at a college web service sites. Along with access to information on the site, you may be put on mailing list for other important college material.
7. Read newspapers, bulletin boards, even junk mail! Keep your eyes open 
for cool activities or opportunities such as: summer programs, camps, academic or sport contests, jobs, or volunteering.
8. Create a file. Get a milk crate and some folders - it doesn't have to 
be expensive. Keep all your important papers grades, magazine articles, 
scholarship opportunities...whatever.
9. Start your scholarship search. Yep, it's not too soon.
10. Find fun and interesting ways to volunteer.
11. Start a log/journal/portfolio, whatever you want to call it, so that 
you can keep track of your activities, volunteer work, jobs, and who the 
contact person is. Write down your impressions, especially what you do 
and don't like about each activity. Gradually, you may being to see where your interests and college major lie.
12. Talk with your parents about how much money may be available for your 
college education. Not a lot? No problem if you plan ahead.