Vacation at royalton cancun
文章来源: tiger002017-11-25 15:48:42

Too bad that I cann't tape Chinese on this computer.

Came to Cancun yesterday ( first time to Maxico ), staying at hideaway royalton. love it so far.

Big individual compound, lots of swimming pools and lots of different restaurants, staff are very friendly. 

Read lots of reviews on internet, not very accurate as far as I am concerned. So far we like it because of the size of the resort. you can spend half a day just to explore the place. I went to the family building sections, the kids pools are beautiful.

There are some negative comments about the sea weeds on the beach, I went for a walk this morning, there is no see weeds at all inside the range of the resort. Because I went to both ends quite far (probably 4 km), there is sea weeds outside of resort range, the staff did a good job cleaning it every day. There is no sea weeds in the sea when I went for swimming around 3pm, but I did see it started after 4pm when I went for another walk.

The beach is nice with white fine sand, green color within 50 meters.

There are tiny black insects but very few masquitos, so far so good. If the remaining days are good, it will become our permanent resort in the future.