Snow white emotion
文章来源: 多伦多橄榄树2019-12-04 09:33:17

There is a snow white emotion when you believe

It is not as known as love

It  is not as known as friendship

But it is a perfect and romantic relationship

For sure

It  exists in human emotion world

May be

We  can find out it in real life

May  be

We can find out it in spiritual world

But mostly

It is happened  above the bridge between real life and spiritual world

It is not hot touching with body  or eye contact

It is not related  to marriage

It is a candy but within the zero degree

When  the candy  feels wind up

It  dances around as the elegant and soft scenery

People love it

Love it makes winter like a fairy tale

Love it helps all living things to get ready for spring

Especially for lady  who is built  by water

Can be blended into this emotion by soft and grateful  mood


One day

She could be a pond

To hug the joy of  childlike fish

One day

She could be an ice flower

To  cherry  up the  feeling from a lonesome  soul

Snow white emotion

We  can  breathe it deeply


Let it travel in blood vessels

Moving 、moving  and  moving to left room of heart