sarah chang - zigeunerweisen
文章来源: TJKCB2018-01-30 19:51:33

Ah, there's something about Pablo Sarasate's Gypsy Airs that makes me feel like dancing on a table with a rose in my mouth!

All flaws can easily be ignored because watching her play can put you in a trance. This style of music needs more people like Sarah Chang. She breathes life into every piece she plays.

Hello together, I think I'm right, when I say, that this music peace is one of the hardest ever, meaning you gotta train a really lot for it. But what Sarah Chang does here with it is with absolute difference to the others, who are not belonging to the top five or maximum top six female elite violin players of the last two and a half decades. Man, I've never seen before such an awesome presented masterpiece. She seems to play it so easy, but also with such high level of love, respect, compassion. This is truely like from an other world. She looks so stunning, great in this  dress. But if she's korean, she should be compared to the superstars of proms like the B-Boys Baek, Darkness, Hong 10, Pocket and especially Physicx. They are without any doubt ever at all incredibly mindblowing.