THREE (3) ----
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Three (3)
Raising my arms,
Finger stuck by a rose thorn.
Come out the darkness,
Running from the jungle of tombstones.
Rays of Sun lights 
Towards the trees, leaves and me.
All is beautiful, 
All is so beautiful.
The day learnt I had 3 months,
All were dark,
My heart, my sky, my world.
I cried, cried to the end.
Can I live again?
Wish to live again!
I'll -
Be happy the 3 special months,
Fight for 3 more years,
Look for 3 x 3 x 3 x ... years!
But if -
If 3 months is the case,
I'll seek and download the beauty of the world in heart.
If 3 days are all the left,
I'll blanket myself with the songs I like,
If it's the last 3 minutes,
I'll gather a smile and keep it.
If that's the last 3 seconds -
I'll close eyes and give myself an applause!
If ...
If only I can live once more!
I open the eyes,
The sun lights are covering my quilt!
How lucky, really lucky,
I'm still alive!
What to do with?
I vow to self
Try to live the 3 seconds;
3 minutes;
3 days;
3 months;
3 years;
3 x 3 x 3 x ... years!