Looking Out To Sea, Warmed By The Spring Air
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诗歌:面朝大海 春暖花开
作者:海子 朗诵:叶子

从明天起 做一个幸福的人
喂马 劈柴 周游世界 
从明天起 关心粮食和蔬菜
我有一所房子  面朝大海 春暖花开

从明天起 和每一个亲人通信

陌生人  我也为你祝福 
我只愿面朝大海 春暖花开

Poem: Looking Out To Sea, Warmed By The Spring Air 
Author: Haizi Translator: John Sexton Read by Leaf

Starting tomorrow, I'll be carefree and happy  
Roaming the world, feeding my horse, chopping firewood;
Starting tomorrow, I'll need nothing but rice and a few vegetables
In my house by the sea, warmed by the spring air

Starting tomorrow, I will write to all my loved ones 
To tell them of my happiness
Of how happiness struck me like a lightning bolt
I will tell this to each of them 
I want to rename all the rivers and mountains
Bring happiness to all strangers 
May they all have a brilliant future 
May all lovers find a way to be together
And everyone find happiness in their time on earth
All I want is to look out to sea, warmed by the spring air


Rebecca Lin 2014 Winter In USA