English Vowels (4 of 8)
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 /ɒ/, /ɔ/ - as in on, ought


To Produce: Lower your jaw, as youpress down slightly the back of your tongue.  Keep your lips relaxed and neutral.


--   ---
got  gone
hot  hall
lot   log

Practice the vowel /ɒ/ as you focus on vowel length. Repeat

cop  -  call
jot   -   job
not  -  nod
pot  -  pond
rock  -  rod
top  -  tall

Each word group contains /ɒ/ and the schwa.  Repeat:



Synonyms - Practice the sound /ɒ/ in synonyms. After you hear A, you say B.
You will hear a model after.


blemish    spot
corrupt    rotten
suitable    proper
timely      prompt
truthful    honest

This  time upon hearing A, you say B.  Then listen to the model.

A                B

cry            aloud
steal          nob
highest      top
stone         rock

Contrast: /ɒ/ - /æ/

Can you differentiate between these sounds? Listen to word parts.
You will hear one word again. Which is it?

hot --- hat ----
pot --- pat ---
on ---  Ann ---

Answers: hat   pot   Ann

Now practice both sounds /ɒ/ and /æ/ in one sentence.  Repeat and then listen again to the sentence each time.

Ann -  on   Ann is on the phone.
hot   -  hat  It's too hot to wear a hat.
not  -   gnat  That insect is not a gnat.
Pat  -   pot   Pat made a pot of tea.
rock  -  rack  Try not to tock the rack.
Ron  -   ran   Ron and I ran.

Listen carefully to the following statements and answer the questions.  You will hear a model after each response.

  He took off his hat, because the weather was hot.

        What did he take off?              --  His hat.
        How was the weather?            --  Hot.

  She washed the pot, and Pat dried it.

       What did she wash?                   -- The pot.
       Who dried it?                              --  Pat.

  The rack was light, but the rock was heavy.

        What wsa light?                         --  The rack.
        What was heavy?                      --  The rock.

Contrast: /ɒ/ -  /ʌ/

Can you differentiate between these sounds?  Listen to word pairs.  You will hear one word again.  Which is it?

  got ---   gut ---
  hot ---   hug ---
  not ---   nut ---

Answers:  gut   hog   not

Repeat these words and sentences.  Then listen to the sentences again each time.

  boss  --  bus      My boss takes the bus.
  hug  --  hog       Can you hug a big hog?
  hot  --   hut       It was hot inside the hut.
  not  --   nut       I cold not crack the nut.
  color  --  collar  What color is the collar?


To product: Lower your jaw and slightly raise your tongue in back to mid-high.  Round your lips silightly.


  --             ----

bought      bond
colt            cold
lawn          law
Practice the vowel /ɔ/ as you facus on its length.  Repeat:

  walk          wall
  salt            song
  pause        paw
  wrong       raw

Synonyms:  Practice the vowel /ɔ/ in synonyms.  Upon hearing A and B, repeat B.

  A                  B
  aged            old
  agree          conform
  from           mold
  increased   more

This time upon hearing A, you say B.  Then listen to the model.
  A                  B
  chilly           cold
  combatt      war
  entrance     door
  once more  encore

Contrast: /ɔ/ - /ʌ /

Can you differentiate between these sounds?  Listen to a pair of words.  You will hear one word again.  Which is it?

  bought ---         But ---
  caught ---          cut ---
  dawn ---            done ----
Answers:  bought      cut        done

Repeat these words and sentences:

  caught  The criminal was caught
  dawn    I woke up before dawn
  cough   I heard someone cough.
  cut       The prices were cut.
  done    What have you done?
  cuff      The shirt has  a dirty cuff.

Source: The American Accent Guide (2nd Edition)