AAPL(图) a complete view from its price and volume action
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Mar 20, 2008 AAPL

1. Quarterly Chart

It looks like a double bottom is forming.

2. Weekly Chart

AAPL broke out from this little trading range and starts its B wave.

3. Daily Chart

This week is a good one for AAPL. It broke out and hold.

a: under 50 DMA but it starts to flatten out. good sign.

b: Volome has not shown up. If it comes in next week, AAPL will be above 135 easily.

c: from daily chart this is a head and shoulder bottom.

AAPL's 15 minute Chart:

It turns out my 130.1 entry point was a perfect one.

AAPL: stage

It looks like aapl will enter a new stage2 phase. Maybe it already starts.


Apple has completed its full stage1 to stage4 cycle and right now is in stage 1: basing.

The best time to buy is when it enters early stage 2. So be patient.

AAPL: 1-2-3 Rule:

A perfect 1-2-3 Rule completed.