Price And Volume(Real Time Trade 1 TOL) 1
文章来源: entry2006-11-22 22:42:53

Fear and Greedy are two emotions you should overcome in the stock market.
Most time they happen in the wrong time and place. When you should fear you
are greedy. When you should greedy you are fear. Never feel fear if you have a winning
position. You should greedy to add them more. Never feel greedy if you have a lose position.
Do NOT average down. You should fear that you will lose them all so cut them quick.

I bought the following TOL Call position when it broke out from the consolidation area
at around $30 and would like to add more if it breaks out from the green resistant line.
Home builders are in favorite so maybe they will go up from here.

Symbol CurrentChangeDay'sQtyPrice PaidTotal GainMarket Val
Trade 1.75 0.55 50.00% $1,650.00 30 $1.2967 $1,305.01 33.08% $5,250.00 
11/22/2006  1.75 0.55 50.00% $1,540.00 28 $1.30 $1,218.00 33.08% $4,900.00 
11/22/2006  1.75 0.55 50.00% $110.00 $1.25 $87.01 33.08% $350.00