Happy Birthday to my little girl
文章来源: 木尔2021-01-26 14:10:12
Each  morning, i made  my  honey lemon 
 just like i wake you up and drag you walking;
as it is so refreshing ,so sweet , so special 
so as you,  my  little girl
All the time in the car, we  listen to zhou shen's song ,
just like i call you to eat and  practice your violin.
as the sound  so beautiful and so warm
and the artist so talented and so humble
so as you, my little girl.
Every night  i tuck you in and kiss you  to bed
just like  i feel blessed by your side
as the dream is so magical and so amazing,
so as you, my little girl, as another year and new life 
in front of you!
this is my routine , with you,
this is my love  for you!