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I have two questions:

1. For "无妄之灾的损失(没经历过,好象是每次insurance不管,并且超过500的部分。每年总数不得超过AGI的10%)"; this item is at which lin of Schedule A? does it include home insurance deductiable co-pay? Like house fence fall down. I spend $3000 to make a new one. Since my insurance deductible is $2,500, I only get $500 from insurance. Can I claim this $2,500 in Schedule A?

2. "2nd home有利息和房地产税等的优惠"; You mean all 利息和房地产税 for 2nd home can be tax deductible in Schedule A? Which document(s) IRS need to verify it is 2nd home or not? Is there any other expense can claim for 2nd home? Like PM fee, repair fee, etc. My point is 2nd home most is for vocation. I need PM fee to take care the house and I can't do the repair on my own because 2nd home suppose not local.

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Very good post, everyone thanks you so much!

Where are 1040和家庭理财(IV) and 1040和家庭理财(V)?