Brainwash / Brainstorming III: At breakfast table
文章来源: yude2016-11-11 09:04:38

I did not vote for him, but I do profess that people should give him a chance to succeed, and I do profess that he has the best interest of all American people in his heart, and himself will reject many of his offesnsive rhetorics.  Those offesnsive rhetorics have accomplished their mission.

My profess started at the breakfast table with my high school freshman.   He was half awake and did not seem to object. 

The conversion started when I said that he is not the president yet, people should really give him a chance.  I had said that too many times.  What I said is conciliatory, non-offensive, that is what I thought.   My son said, but there is a reason for the protest and demonstration, maybe they are afraid.  I paused for a moment. And it suddenly came to me. I walked around the table, and touched his shoulder.  I said,  for some fear is real and imminent, and for some, fear is imagined.  Fear is an emotional thing, fear is illogical.

We agree or not, both sides have fears and both sides are afraid that the country is going to the wrong direction.  Now, the result is final, and the dust has settled.  The people of color, people of minority, people of immigrants, people of different beliefs and looks are scared of the results.  For some of them, the fear is real and imminent, and disabling.   These fears are different from the pain.  These fears can only be felt if you are one of them.   The winning side has fears too, and many of them felt being left out, neglected, ignored.    This is where I kind of got lost when I tried to compare the fears and pains, and tried to quantify the fear and pain.   I simple could not compare them, because I am one of the people of color, people of minority, people of immigrants, people of different beliefs and looks.  I do not say that lightly, I do not say that as an excuse, I say that because I do not want to become numb to the pain, and fears, and suffering of all people.  

At the end, I asked  "so, do you think that you are progressive? I want you to be progressive, I want you to think for yourself, consider the opposing views, and have feeling and heart.  Did I just brainwashed you?  ”  I pounded my chest, to stress the  "heart” part.  He laughed, normally, he would have ignored me.   That was enough.  

I remain hopeful.