4/17/09 -Doubled and Tripled stocks
文章来源: jinht2009-04-17 09:45:38
Finally, There are several doubled or even tripled stocks emerged in my portofolio.
PIR, my average cost is 0.6. Now 1.8.
FIG, 1.5 Now 2.6
FMD, 1.2 Now 2.5.

After a home run this month, my largest holding BX and ForestCity break even now.

When market reached the second bottom, even though I have forcasted that way, but I was still frustrated looking at my portfolio almost cut in half.

Here is my though base on bull market starts here.
The first half  year, all those penny stocks will fly to moon. and Then, those stocks will drop to earth again.
Only really good-big company will advance in the following years.
All my stocks, once it reaches my target price, I will sell them and buy BX.

I believe BX will fill the empty space Lehman and Merril Lynch some day.