Greetings from customers after earthquake
文章来源: 玲_珑_心2008-05-15 21:41:11
I went to a customer dinner here in Japan yesterday and people were asking me about the earthquake and they are very worried about that.
This morning, the customer from Singapore talked to me about some bussiness issue and then asked me about earthquake.
Just back from lunch, I got an email from another customer in Taiwan as below :

By they way, I do care about the earthquake tragedy happened in Sichuan. As
you know, the earthquake is also popular in Taiwan. But this time, it's
really a huge one. The news is almost broadcasted 24 hours here. I watch
the news everyday and feel very sad for those people. Let's pray for them
and wish China can recover soon from this disaster.

I am so touched that everyone is worried about us and let us know we are not on our own they are always ready to help us. :'(