If heaven have a highway,escape to Hanna,夏威夷马尾岛汉娜游
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If heaven have a highway,escape to Hanna,夏威夷马尾岛汉娜游通往汉娜的路只有一条,就叫做汉娜之路。汉娜之路以弯曲难行而著名:30 miles 的小路上,有600个让你毛骨悚然的急弯,平均一mile 20个;还有56座只容一辆车通过的小桥。路弯曲也就罢了,关键是路还特别窄,很多时候你必须停下来等待错车,而且顺山修的小路一边是海,一边是山崖,转急弯的时候总是提着一口气,不知道对面是否有车过lai路上是典型的热带雨林,满眼都是绿色,深浅浓淡不一,有娇艳欲滴,有疏朗清雅,有层层叠叠,有密密匝匝,再配上粉色的曼陀罗,五彩的天堂鸟,淡紫的睡莲.......美丽的黑色海滩.这次难忘的汉娜自驾游,给我们留下永远的美好的回忆Hana, isolated from the rest of the Island, is truly the last virgin tropical paradise on Maui.From our hotel to Hanna is about 77 miles , since Hyatt Regency is on North West Coast of Maui, Hana is on East Coast, Only Hana Highway takes you there. There are about over 600 winding turns, and about over 50 one lane bridge to pass on Hanna Highway, but this trip will take you to see all kinds of tropical rainforest ,spectacular rainfalls, the rugged Hana shoreline and some of the best beaches on the island, it makes our trip once in a life time, left great memories behind........ our journey stared at Hyatt Regency, Maui我们的天堂自驾游从我们的酒店凯悦水疗度假酒店出发 Photobucket sunrise from outside hotel Photobucket on the way Photobucket Tropical rainforest Photobucket yield to oncoming traffic, first come first served Photobucket narrow two way lane traffic Photobucket so many don't pass sign Photobucket Photobucket On the way to Hana Photobucket Don't you think this one looks like big sur on Coast highway in California?? Photobucket beautiful orange tropic flower trees all over the mountain Photobucket Photobucket beautiful scenic stop Photobucket Photobucket