Year of rat - Day one of a mouse
文章来源: deerpark11292008-01-29 19:32:47
There is this tiny mouse in my auntie's house. How did we know?

First of all, my cousin spotted it the other day while he's having breakfast. Per my cousin, he saw the grey shadow dashing from underneath the refrigerator to the dinner table.

I wonder at that specific moment if he's still in his day dream mode or he was fully awake  But we certainly got a witness here and we can't just ignore him. Especially he was under the oath, he said, I swear, I saw the rat, I'm telling the truth, nothing but truth. Amen!

We have no choice but 100% believing him.

And soon after, while my auntie started sweeping the floor, she paused and eyed on the trace of  the "residual" from an unknown creature. For your information, there is no pet in the house and my cousin is way passed his pooping training session. For God's sake, he's 27 yrs old already, no decimal point in between.

So now we have all the CSI evidence, all we gotta do is taking this mouse in and put it behind the bar.

Since the mouse is still at large, I've been told that I'm not supposed to have any loose snack or munch anything "eatable" on my bed.

Stay tuned, don't go anywhere, I will be right back and fill you in later