In the Valley
文章来源: 子羊2013-07-04 14:13:05


In First Samuel 17, the Philistines were on one side of a mountain and the Israelites were on the side of another mountain. There was a valley between them that they were fighting over. The scripture says that the valley belonged to Judah. It belonged to the Israelites. Judah means praise. Every morning and every evening for 40 days, one of the Philistines, a huge giant named Goliath, would come out and stand on their side of the mountain and shout threats and insults toward the Israelites, trying to intimidate them, bring fear and cause them to panic. The first thing the Israelites heard in the morning was Goliath shouting something like, "Your days are numbered. You don't have a chance." The last thing they heard before they went to bed was, "I'm so much bigger than you. You might as well give up."

For 40 days the Israelites were tormented and couldn't even sleep at night. They were intimidated, worried and living in fear. But one day, a young man showed up named David. He had a secret weapon. He came from the tribe of Judah, the tribe of praise. David knew the valley they were fighting for didn't belong to fear, discouragement or intimidation. He knew that the valley belonged to praise. His attitude was, "I may be in a low spot. I may be in a tough time. I don't see a way out, but I know this valley doesn't belong to discouragement. Intimidation is not going to keep me up at night. Goliath, you're not coming into my valley. This valley belongs to praise."

I can imagine that David began to thank God for what He had done in the past, and then he switched over and started thanking God for what He was about to do. He said, "Goliath, this day I will defeat you and feed your carcasses to the birds of the air." He was fully confident in His God!

When you're in a valley, like David, fear will try to occupy that valley. In the morning, anxiety will try to come into that valley. At night before you go to bed, stress, doubt and intimidation will try to keep you up at night. But know this: that valley doesn't belong to the enemy; it belongs to praise. Now you've got to take your valley back. All through the day when the thoughts come saying, "It's not going to work out. The problem is never going to turn around," don't dwell on that. Don't let it occupy that valley. Turn up your praise. "Father, thank You that You are still on the throne. Thank You that You are bigger than this obstacle. Thank You that You are fighting my battles. Thank You that the answer is already on the way." When you learn to give God praise in the valley, you will defeat every giant. It doesn't matter how big that obstacle is, you and God are a majority. He will always cause you to triumph!

Today, you may be in the valley, but don't allow fear to occupy that valley. Don't let intimidation in that valley. Don't let doubt and complaining come into your valley. That valley belongs to praise. If you'll dig your heels in and offer up that sacrifice of praise, God promises He will show up, and you will slay those enemies that mock you. Stay strong in the valley, stay in praise, and stay in the victory God has