God's School of Wisdom
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by Joyce Meyer - posted May 28, 2013

I have taught you in the way of skillful and godly Wisdom [which is comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God]. Proverbs 4:11

True Christianity goes far beyond mere doctrine. We certainly need to know the principles of our faith in the form of doctrine, but real love for God is so much more than a set of basic beliefs; it is also a way of daily, practical living that comes from understanding the ways and purposes of God.

When we approach everyday situations from the perspective of God’s ways and purposes, we ask questions such as: “How would Jesus talk to that person?” “How would Jesus deal with that person’s obvious need? When we begin to think along these lines, we are learning to be wise because we are seeking to understand the ways and purposes of God.

Moses was a very wise man, one who understood the importance of knowing God’s ways. In Exodus 33:13, he cried out to God: “. . . if I have found favor in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You…” God answered Moses’ prayer, as we read in Psalm 103:7: “He made known His ways . . . to Moses, His acts to the children of Israel.”

Notice the distinction between what God made known to Moses (His ways) and what He made known to the children of Israel (His acts). Some people are only interested in God’s acts—what He will do for them. But wise people are like Moses; they hunger for a deep understanding of His ways. Let me encourage you to cry out to God as Moses did.

Love God Today: Ask God to show you His ways and help you understand His purposes.

From the book Love Out Loud by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2011 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.