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by Joyce Meyer - posted November 23, 2012

But the spiritual man tries all things [he examines, investigates, inquires into, questions, and discerns all things]. —1 Corinthians 2:15

As long as we try to figure out our own problems, we will only get more and more frustrated and confused. The reason is because we are trying to operate without the grace of God—and that is never going to be successful.

In my ministry, the prayer request I receive most often is for guidance. Many people just do not seem to know what to do. They are frustrated and confused by the situations they face in their everyday lives. They need help, and they don't know where to look for it. They need answers, and they don't know where to find them.

If I have a problem, I don't need to try to figure it out—I need discernment. I need to hear from the Lord. I need God's Word on my situation. I need for Him to show me what to do. Discernment is simply God's wisdom for any situation of life. It is a "spiritual knowing" about how to handle things.

One time as I was praying and asking God for discernment, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Joyce, you are never going to have discernment until you give up reasoning." Now notice that the Lord didn't say "until I deliver you from reasoning," He said "until you give up reasoning."

If you are trying to figure out everything in life, you must realize that it is just a habit, a bad habit, one that you will have to break. Your mind may be like mine was. I was addicted to excessive reasoning. There's certainly nothing wrong with using our minds...God has blessed us with strong minds to accomplish many great things. But as soon as you begin to feel frustrated and confused, as soon as you start to lose your sense of inner peace, you need to say to yourself, "Uh-oh, I've gone too far." You must give up your efforts and entrust yourself totally to the Lord, leaving your situation entirely in His hands.

From the book New Day, New You by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2006 by Joyce Meyer. Published by InProv. All rights reserved.