AARS Roses
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Chicago Peace

Chicago Peace hybrid tea rose. A color variant of the most famous rose of all time that was discovered in the windy city of Chicago. The pink edge of Peace becomes deeper, and sometimes suffuses the entire surface of the petals—and the reverse is a deep rich gold. A rather unstable sport and to keep your plant pure, cut the reversions to the point of origin. Same rugged plant and foliage and fragrant only if you have a good imagination. Weatherproof and hardy on a tough, disease resistant plant clothed in dark green, leathery foliage. Hot weather is its favorite and it laughs at frigid temperatures.

Flower Color: Glowing pink with canary yellow shading; coppery yellow reverse

Flower: Very large well-formed double blooms; 45 petals; one bloom per stem; repeats

Type: Hybrid tea

Fragrance: Light

Height: Medium

Comments: Vigorous; free flowering; prone to develop black spot; good cut flower; needs full sun; upright bushy habit; large in size; leathery, shiny, dark green leaves


Europeana Class: Floribunda
Color: dark red
Fragrance: slight/none
Petal count: 25-30
Introduction date: 1968
Hybridizer: de Ruiter
AARS winner

Class: Hybrid Tea
Color: orange-red
Fragrance: slight/none
Petal count: 35-40
Introduction date: 1972
Hybridizer: Swim-Weeks
AARS winner