Maid in the Shade Rhodedendron
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Other deciduous azaleas: Most deciduous azaleas do well in full sun and frequently are poor bloomers in the shade. "Maid in the Shade" deciduous azaleas is a collection of deciduous azaleas compiled by Transplant Nursery selected to do well in shadier locations. They include:

  • 'Summer Lyric' - Flowers are a mix of pink with yellow throats.
  • 'Lisa's Gold' - Golden-yellow flowers.
  • 'Camilla's Blush' - Blushing pink blooms that hummingbirds find irresistible.
  • 'Kelsey's Flame' - Bright yellow and orange flowers.
  • 'Lavender Girl' - Pale lavender flowers
  • 'My Mary' - Pale yellow flowers, named as a tribute from George Beasley to his wife Mary.
  • 'Rosy Cheeks' - Dark rose flowers with golden throats. Its fragrance can rival that of a rose.
  • 'Nacoochee Princess' - Regal white flowers that are tinged with pink. [Return to Top]

The larger rhododendrons and azaleas like 'King George' and flame azalea make excellent specimen plants or informal groups in woodland settings, while smaller plants, such as the Carolina rhododendron, flourish in the shade of arbors and trellises. 'Snowlady', and Kyushu azaleas can be used in the foreground of border plantings, and all three are also handsome pot plants for use in tubs or containers on shaded patios and terraces. [Return to Top]