Case Study: 物业投资的成本分析
文章来源: JR982007-02-23 20:51:20
来源: 提早退休 于 07-02-23 13:53:20 Example:Property: 3 bedroom condo, 1000+ sftFMV: $200kPurchase price: $170k (count on good negotiation and finding good deal)Down payment: $34kMortgage: $136kRate: 6.5% fixed 30 yr (rate for investment property will be higher, I am probably a little aggressive on the rate here)Monthly cash flow:Rental: 1100Mortgage: -860 (both interest & principal)HOA: -10Insurance: -20Management: 0 (self-manage)Misc: -50Property tax: -150Income tax: 0 (assume wash w/ all deductibles, interest, property tax, house depreciation)Net: $10This example barely breaks even on cash flow. In the area I live, NW, a rental property at $1100/M probably costs around $220k - $250k for condo. So even with cash for 20% down, it’s very difficult to find an investment deal in current housing market.================================================================来源: 喜欢就好 于 07-02-23 15:47:12 Condo HOA是owner付. Condo HOA 通常要take care roof, exterior, outside maintenance, pool (if any), and insurance (not all HOA includes insurance), 不可能那么便宜的.