No deadline, No efficiency
文章来源: 疏灯影里看凤城20062006-09-06 22:10:26
Today, I feel a little bit frustrated. I have been in U.S. for 1 year. But my English, oral or written English is still poor. Everyday before I go to class I always encourage myself to say something, no matter it is right or wrong. Errors are better than quietness.However, I tend to be quite all the time. And I cannot find the reasons. I think except the language problem, the other issue is related to my character.
This semester I hope to make great progress in academic life.Identifying the research subareas and presenting paper at the conferences are the two big objectives. I am not a new student anymore,and should learn to push myself to go forward without the urgent pressure. Because, if not, the issues will be just around the corner later. During class, some classmates mentioned another student and thought very highly of that guy's wisdom. They thought this class we are taking would be a starting level class to him. What a compliment. I do wish that I am the guy. Anyway, god helps who helps himself. I know my problem is that I am still not used to the fast rhythm of this new semester. Here are several steps I am gonna follow during the next weeks.
1.Make a detailed plan everyday and stick to it.
2.Live a healthy life and hold a positive attitude toward challenges.
3.Think more about the future rather than the current luxury.