A discussion with my daughter about college choice
文章来源: A-mao2006-08-10 06:45:49
Daughteris still more than 2 years away from college. However, after PSAT andPLAN, she began to receive college information. That's why we had adiscussion about this last night.

Major: We both agreed that herpersonal interest should be the No.1 consideration. However, this alsomeans that she has to do more exploration about her personal interest.

UIUC vs an average private college:

(Sheis almost certain to be accepted by UIUC if she chooses to go. At thesame time, we both know well that the chance for her to go to an IVYcollege is almost zero since she does not havea long list of social activity in her resume.)

Advantages for a small college:

1. Smaller college and classes fit her personality.

2.Smaller college and classes mean more opportunity for direct connectionwith professors, possible for better recommendation letters for herfuture planning.

3. She might be a straight "As" student in anaverage college, which will benefit her graduate program application ifshe chooses to.

4.Possible for a merit-based scholarship, which is certainly a plus for her career.

Disadvantage of a small college:

1.Lowervisibility of the college. This could be partial compensated by going toa graduate program in a better university, like one of my neighbor did.He went to an average private college with a full scholarship, thenearned a M.D. from a famous university.

2. Higher cost.

Conclusion:UIUC will be her base, and she will apply a few private colleges. If shegets a sholarship to cover the difference between a private college andUIUC, she should have her own choice. Otherwise, she may have no choice.SO WORKING HARD IS NEEDED IF SHE WANTS TO HAVE HER OWN CHOICE.

A good excuse to "push" kids, huh.