Mother's Day 2013
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Mother's Day 2013

It's 5:30 in the morning yesterday. I slipped out of bed and tiptoed out of the room and went to the bathroom, yawning while pulling out my clean running short and t-shirt from the linen closet. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and she walked in, asked me "what time is it?"

My face flinched, in part it's because of her unexpected "intrusion", the rest was that it surprised me that she got up so early; put this way, early-rising is not her forte. Instead of answered her question, I questioned her "Why do you get up so early today?"

She turned her face toward me with tooth paste foams still in her mouth murmured, "Cus I want to run with you."

"Are you alright ? You've never liked running." I was half-concerned and half-joking "Please go back to bed and continue your beauty sleep, you'll feel fresher later."

"No, I am going with you." Her voice was sweet but firm.

"Please, you'll slow me down. Beside it'll take a "century" for you to get ready, I can't wait that long. So just give me a kiss and let me go. Look, I''ll bring back your latte and one your favorite bagel, okay?" I tried to sweeten my way out.

"Please go watch the morning news for 5 minutes, I will be ready. Can you do it for me. pleeese ? " She gave me her innocent begging face which often makes me feel guilty for denying her human rights.

"Okay five minutes. " I pointed to my watch and sighed.

Few minutes later she emerged into living room and said to me "How do I look?"

"Wow, I am impressed. you actually made it in five." My eyes popped out and my voice fulled with excitement. It's true that for her to be ready to go in five was definitely a "ground-breaking accomplishment"in its own category. But the real stunt was she really looked hot in the new green and gray half zip running shirt , new black and pink colored running tight and new Brook running shoes, plus a pink baseball cap to tie up her hair nicely in her back.

Inside of the elevator on our way down to lobby, I couldn't help but ask her, "you spent time and efforts to shop for your outfits secretly, didn't you ? Now tell me what is the real motive that you got all these trouble JUST for running with me."

"Your mother is coming in a couple of weeks. I'd like her to see me compatible with you." She looked into my eyes squarely without a blink.

"Wait a minute, you mean you are going to be joint force with my mom and against me?, are you a traitor?" I protested.

"No, not like that. Just keep eyes on you all the time. " She grinned at me.

"By the way, you don't have to be afraid of my mother, that is my problem to worry about ... " I joked.

"I don't think you are afraid of you own mother, but you do listen to her a lot and trust her advices utterly, she paused and added "I wish I could do that with my mom." She sighed softly.

I guess her observatory comments might be right on the mark. I do rely on my mom's advises for my life more than anyone else on the earth for a huge chunk of my life. To a large degree, my mom served as the North Star, guiding me to navigate through the waters from rough storming days of teenage rebellions to the smooth sailing cruise afterwards. Now when I look back and think about the affections and impacts my mom bestows and casts on me, I realize that to be a mother to a dude like me has never been a easy thing for her form the very beginning. To complicate the matter further, I persistently pursue my own ideas, which oftentimes collided with her conventional wisdom and motherly instincts. God knows, how could she manage to stay steady and still look after me. I have no idea how could my mother sustain it for this long. If I were her, I would have thrown the towel a long time ago given the my records of stubbornness, and foolishness.

Sometimes, It amazed me to just ponder a simple question: How far a mother's love and tolerance can expand further and further on a line without breaking lose? The answer might be, I suspect, in rein of indefinite. This may sound cheesy, I don't even believe there might a thing that exists in the would would be adequately match to mother's love if you'd put the depth and willingness of it in the context.

Mother's Day is this Sunday, as usual I've sent gifts and cards to my mother and grandma. Nevertheless, comparing with what they have ever gave to me, it would render my token to diminutive at the best.

I know for sure that mothers come in all shapes, sizes and types, and qualities they hold could vary a great range. Yet, to me, my mom symbolizes support, tenderness, trust, endurance, kindness, and above all, her unconditioned love, which I am in debt with it for the rest of my life For that, what I could do appears to be limited to a simple sentence: Happy mothers Day, Dear mom and grandma I love you forever.

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2)Happy Mothers Day to all of my net lady friends.