Thank you letter 8--revisit
文章来源: riverside2008-12-17 16:34:58

Dear Dr. xxxxxxx: 

My second visit to the program is quite different from the first one. It is more relaxed and I can experience more of the real resident life. The first visit is more formal, particularly prepared for the resident candidates. During the second visit, I learned more about what the real work and life will be like, being a psychiatry resident in the University of xxxxx. The sense of familiarity with place and people here during my second visit made me feel very comfortable. I am so happy that the people I have meet during my last visit remembered me.  

I understand you are a very successful psychiatrist and researcher in genetics of drug/alcohol addiction. As I mentioned during our conversation, for the next few years I am looking forward for clinical training as first priority. As to research work, I have training in both clinical oriented research and molecular biology research work. I am more interested in clinical oriented research because the result can be more readily applied to patient care, although sometimes it is hard to reach a definite conclusion. My training in population genetics and anthropometrical data analysis fits into the ongoing research work in this department very well. Further more, with my molecular biology expertise, particularly xxxxx and xxxxxx technique, I am well equipped to look into the detailed mechanism of the findings gained by our genetics study. I believe few resident candidates possess the strongest interest in psychiatry, strict training background in medicine and the perfect set of research techniques needed in this department as me. I definitely can contribute a lot to this program. 

I am looking forward for working with you in the near future.  

Best Regards