[REPEAT] Collapse Sequense
文章来源: IAM3Down4Up2018-01-12 10:33:02

Logical Collapse Sequense:

Bond + US Dollar Collapse -> Yields goes up, USD down -> Stock Market and Real Estate Collapse -> Economic Collaps -> Rising Unemployment -> Social Collapse.

Falling Dollar can only support stock market for a short while, but rising commodities, labor cost, financing cost, i.e., inflation will cut corporate margin, rising yield also pressure P/E.  

Expect stock market collapse second half of the year and sky rocketing gold and silver price.

Starting in June, the global central banks liquidity injection becomes negative, so before June ends, market will have a serious decline though may or may not be a crash. But the recent parabolic rise of stock market will not end well, just like $SSEC in summer 2015, or Bitcoin in last December, US stock market will end in a disastrous POP!

Take care, market is very risky now.