Beach wedding -- the perfect balance of romance and happin
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 Libra is elegant in appearance, kind and kind-hearted, with good friends, and likes to listen to others. They want balance in everything and fear loneliness the most. Friends are important to them. Leong jingru, zhang dongjian, li xinjie, anyway, there are too many stars choose to hold weddings on the beach. Because there are all romantic elements here, air, water and sunshine are so harmonious.

  Classic church - the happiness of the stable Capricorn

  The image of a serious, steady and mature Capricorn. But whether in business or love, they also win with this special temperament! Capricorn is as steady and solid as a goat on a high mountain cliff. It values authority and reputation. Therefore, they will definitely choose the traditional church wedding (if they believe in the church), and let god witness their happy faith for them.

  Valley wedding - mystery Scorpio's favorite

  Scorpio is a sign of energy, passion, jealousy and possessiveness. Have a strong sixth sense, mysterious visitation ability and attraction, often do things by intuition. Although he has a keen eye, he often decides everything by feeling. If you are a Scorpio, the valley offers a relatively private and mysterious wedding feel. Surrounded by mountains, there are waterfalls flying down, listening to the birds singing, sound and color feeling is absolutely unparalleled.

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