Hilary Hahn, violin
文章来源: TJKCB2018-04-27 12:17:43

BEETHOVEN Concerto for Violin and Orchestra - Hilary Hahn, violin   

I notice that Internet Explorer can't show up "Video-clip" imaging from YouTube, but Google Chrome can show that above. 

(I've been a fan of Sarah Chang. Recently, I found this player - 

Reading comments below, I didn't know what they talk about ...

This has got to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. Amazing talent, and outstanding performance from the orchestra.

What can I add to something that is evident? Well, that she is a perfect beauty and a perfect performer in every sense. Her presence in the stage is a shining ligth over the world. She is not only a soloist but a leader too. That is clear when she turns toward the orchestra and smile to it. The Beethovenian seal is so clear in the tender passages followed by the strong ones. The DeSyOr performs at its highest level.
The conductor blows the opening. The tympani strokes should be slow and portentous. Instead they sound like a metronome. Hillary is, of course, excellent.
My confusing was "concret English" specific, not "perfect" "beauty" - what's that?